changing lives for good

Our mission is to stimulate spiritual, social and economic transformation in the communities in which we work. This is done, motivated by Christian values, through three inter-locking programmes, aimed at rescuing, restoring and empowering people in need.

1. Rescuing activities include:



Left: A Grandmother and great grand children




  • Home based care for widows and child bereavement counselling
  • Support with food and clothing during economic crises
  • Reading and gospel groups for children under 13
  • Youth empowerment through soccer and netball
  • Assisting people to obtain their identity cards, birth certificates etc

Foster parenting and “safe houses” in the community (this will be implemented when we have adequate resources)

2. Restoration activities include:




Left: A group work exercise during a parenting skills courses 





  • Parenting skills courses
  • Financial literacy
  • Small business skills training
  • Household vegetable gardens

3. Empowering activities include:




Left: A savings and credit group meeting.




  • Savings and credit groups
  • Bible study
  • Mentoring support for micro-enterprises

Two videos on the media page provide:

  • perspectives on the organization’s activities as a whole.

The following videos will follow in due time:

  • rescue activities
  • restoration activities; and
  • empowerment activities.


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Public Benefit Organisation No. 930005175 (since 2005)

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