changing lives for good

Central to all of our work is our belief that Jesus is the only true deliverer, healer and saviour. Our mission is to be an instrument in God’s hands to bring love, healing, restoration and a future to the poor, oppressed, lonely and hurting people in our nation. It is our belief that the restoration and strengthening of families and family life is essential for the development of any community.

In all the work that we do we seek to conform to the biblical values of honesty, integrity and love because we recognise that it is only value-driven programmes that create appropriate opportunities for the social, economic and spiritual transformation needed for nation building.

We believe that we are all commanded to “excel” at giving to the poor. One of the aims of Hope Trust is to assist people to excel in giving by providing opportunities for finances and other resources to be wisely used in helping those who are experiencing great need and hardship.

We believe that poverty is not a purely economic condition but is a result of the breakdown in people’s relationships with God, themselves, others and their environment. Furthermore we believe that as these broken areas of relationship are repaired and people are equipped with necessary basic life skills, it is possible for them to take the first steps upwards from their “ground zero”. Thereafter, it becomes their own energy, aspirations and abilities, under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, that help them continue the journey of improvement in their lives and circumstances. of Hope Trust’s official sponsors.